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PAWLIK supports its local and international customers from its Nordics headquarters based out of Copenhagen. Opened in mid-2023, customers in the region now have access to all services in the areas of personnel consulting and personnel and organizational development.



Pawlik Consultants International B.V
Amaliegade 6. 2. tv.
1256 Copenhagen

In Our Focus: The Bigger Picture

PAWLIK Growth Loop

Today, more than ever, managers and employees need an environment in which they can fully unleash their potential and continuously evolve.
PAWLIK’s Growth Loop is designed to address these demands with a holistic concept that is applied across four key areas.
We begin by meeting people where they are and customizing our tools to meet their needs. Coupled with our evidence-based methodology, we uncover potentials, opportunities and goals. It’s a chain reaction that ultimately leads to sustainable growth, the foundation for future success.

  • PAWLIK Growth Loop

    PAWLIK Growth Loop

    Four Service Areas for All-Round Positive Growth

    We’re there, at your side in four key areas: Our experts are there to offer guidance, facilitate cultural transformations, identify the right talent, and assist employees in lifelong learning and their continuing improvement.

  • Direction


    We Chart the Course

    Where are we going? What vision do we aspire to realize? Are we effective in implementing digital transformation processes? Current developments raise a host of questions for people and organizations to address.

    Join us in exploring key topics such as digital transformation, sustainability, the New Work movement, agility and culture transformation to discover the customized solutions that are tailored to your needs. We work with you to craft a strategy that helps you navigate your way forward in a constantly evolving landscape and implement the plan together dynamically and flexibly.

  • Transform


    Mastering the Art of Change

    Under pressure in a constantly evolving world, organizations must continually adjust established processes while also facilitating significant transformations. The key to the success of these changes lies in people.

    Engage your employees, right from the beginning: We work with you to develop the strategies, frameworks, culture and leadership you need, while also helping you establish the competencies, structures, processes and adaptable work methods that can evolve over time.

  • Search


    We Attract Talent

    In an era of change, where there’s a scarcity of skilled professionals, intense talent competition, and evolving job and role requirements, the strategic significance of personnel selection and development has never been greater. Personalities have become more critical than competencies, and soft skills are now just as essential as hard skills.

    Whether you need assistance in selecting suitable specialists and managers, identifying high-potential individuals, or offering valid and objective support for targeted employee development, we assist you in finding and attracting the right talent, both from within and outside your organization.

  • Develop


    We Help Personalities Evolve

    In the race for innovation and excellence, your employees’ skills are critical. Lifelong learning ensures that employees remain ready to tackle new challenges and can proactively shape the future.

    We work with you to design learning programs that are specifically tailored to your company’s goals and your employees’ individual potentials. Combining in-person and online events, e-training and microlearning, we strategically train the skills your employees need for their jobs and ensure sustainable learning outcomes.


Christian ist ein erfahrener HR-Fachmann und eine Führungspersönlichkeit mit einer nachgewiesenen Vergangenheit in der Personalbranche, mit einem besonderen Schwerpunkt auf Bewertung.

Christian Møller Andersen

Christian is an experienced HR Professional and leader with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry, with a particular focus on assessment. Skilled in Leadership Development, Career Development, HR Consulting, Team Development, Executive Coaching, he is passionate about human behaviour change and brings a strong entrepreneurial attitude to all his projects.

Helle Hoyen verfügt über jahrzehntelange Erfahrung an der Schnittstelle zwischen Unternehmen und Personalmanagement

Helle Høyen

Helle has decades of in-depth experience at the junction between business and people management. Having held various Executive positions in HR, her passion is to translate strategy, plans and goals into concrete initiatives and behaviours in organizations to create the right company culture.

Mette Yde verfügt über Fachwissen in den Bereichen Unternehmensstrategie, Lernen und Entwicklung, organisatorisches Veränderungsmanagement, Personalberatung, Führung und Talententwicklung.

Mette Yde

Mette is an experienced, resourceful, and structured Consultant, She is passionate about programs and projects that foster profitable business, leadership, excellent talent and performance in happy organisations and teams. Mette is proficient in HR interventions and all the processes and touch points from analysis and strategy to benefit realisation. She has expertise in Business Strategy, Learning & Development, Organisational Change Management, HR Consulting, Leadership and Talent Development.

Cristine C. Silke Hansen verfügt über umfangreiche Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von Team- und Führungskräfteprogrammen und hat in der Vergangenheit mehrere Mitarbeiterschulungsprogramme konzipiert und durchgeführt.

Cristine C. Silke Hansen

Cristine C. Silke Hansen has significant experience in setting up team and leader development programs and has in the past conceptualized and conducted multiple employee training programs. Her background in Human Resource Management and years of coaching in various organisations gives her the ability to understand and analyze the needs of complex organizations.

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