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We Help Personalities Evolve
In the race for innovation and excellence, your employees’ skills are critical. Lifelong learning ensures that employees remain ready to tackle new challenges and can proactively shape the future. We work with you to design learning programs that are specifically tailored to your company’s goals and your employees’ individual potentials. Combining in-person and online events, e-training and microlearning, we strategically train the skills your employees need for their jobs and ensure sustainable learning outcomes.
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We Drive Action

Everyone has their unique talents, abilities and competencies, but not everyone is fully aware of their potentials or can harness them in their daily work. This can be attributed to various factors, including personal perspectives, team dynamics, time management or communication issues.

In our training courses, we employ evidence-based learning methods and tailored strategies to uncover and harness your individual motives and potential. With the help of our training programs, participants delve deep into what truly motivates them and acquire the skills to leverage this motivation, enabling them to consistently perform at their best.

We cover the entire spectrum of leadership skills and tailor our training to fit your culture and strategy.

We assist your sales organization in defining the right sales approach and implementing it in practice together with your employees.


We Guide Learning

In the busy professional world, acquiring new skills is feasible only when individuals and teams are supported with relevant content and methods. In-person seminars held across several days are being replaced by digital offerings now that eLearnings addressing even complex topics can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Our subsidiary, PINKTUM, offers tailor-made micro- and macro-learnings that are based on an individual’s personality profile. These innovative learning experiences make PINKTUM a leading provider for the sustainable development of soft skills in organizations.


Guiding You Toward New Horizons

Leaders in executive roles often encounter demanding professional challenges that may appear insurmountable despite their best efforts. Modern top executives acknowledge the value of engaging in discussions with a neutral and experienced executive coach during such challenging situations, as it can offer valuable insights and solutions.

Join our business coaching sessions to uncover new opportunities and gain a deeper understanding of your thought processes, emotions and behaviors. Together, we’ll identify any barriers that might be hindering your path to greater success, and we’ll work one-on-one to unlock your untapped potential.

We support entrepreneurs and managers who want to take their strategizing skills and organization to the next level.

We focus on your individual goals and personal growth, helping you remove the obstacles to realizing your full potential, whether they relate to your career or personal well-being.

Development Center and Diagnostics

We Recognize Individuality and Develop Potential

Picture a scenario where you could accurately predict which of your young professionals possess the capabilities to ascend to leadership roles. Envision having the ability to enact tailored development strategies that equip your workforce for upcoming challenges.

Being able to pinpoint an employee’s or manager’s potential, assess their motivational drive, and understand the factors contributing to their advancement is fundamental to achieving excellence in human resources development. Depending on your organization’s objectives, you have the flexibility to determine the depth of your engagement – whether that entails a pragmatic competence evaluation (Screenfact) or the discovery of hidden potentials (scan).

How do we achieve the goals we set for ourselves? How can we leverage our skills optimally? What drives our motivation? Our meticulous scan process offers precise answers to these inquiries. At PAWLIK, the foundation of developing individuals and teams lies in the comprehensive assessment of personalities.

Development-focused consultancy places a spotlight on specific facets of an employee’s personality diagnostics. Addressing these aspects empowers individuals to unlock their full potential. Our emphasis is on cultivating the distinct skills of each individual.

Learning Architecture

We Make Learning Easy

Every individual has a unique learning style, and learning is a highly personalized process. It’s therefore essential that learning offerings in the corporate context align with strategic objectives and foster a sense of love for learning among employees.

From onboarding to continuous learning and the cultivation of leadership skills, we work with you to design a framework that will help your employees evolve and establish a robust culture of learning within your organization.

At PAWLIK, “not yet” is more than just an empty phrase. We help you cultivate a culture of learning that allows people to experiment, engage with their mistakes, offer feedback and evolve.

We provide guidance on how to establish an optimal combination of various learning formats while introducing new learning insights.

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