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PAWLIK BNLX helps organizations transform. Our knowledge about people forms the basis for everything we do. A strategy may make clear what needs to be accomplished, but it is the people in the organisation who determine the success. People always make the difference.

A change in the organization always starts with a motivated team. People who have the drive, the knowledge and the skills to get started. Make sense. Make it real. Make it happen. That’s how we handle every transformation process. PAWLIK sets teams and organisations in motion. On the way to better performance, with lasting results



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In Our Focus: The Bigger Picture

PAWLIK Growth Loop

Today, more than ever, managers and employees need an environment in which they can fully unleash their potential and continuously evolve.
PAWLIK’s Growth Loop is designed to address these demands with a holistic concept that is applied across four key areas.
We begin by meeting people where they are and customizing our tools to meet their needs. Coupled with our evidence-based methodology, we uncover potentials, opportunities and goals. It’s a chain reaction that ultimately leads to sustainable growth, the foundation for future success.

  • PAWLIK Growth Loop

    PAWLIK Growth Loop

    Four Service Areas for All-Round Positive Growth

    We’re there, at your side in four key areas: Our experts are there to offer guidance, facilitate cultural transformations, identify the right talent, and assist employees in lifelong learning and their continuing improvement.

  • Direction


    We Chart the Course

    Where are we going? What vision do we aspire to realize? Are we effective in implementing digital transformation processes? Current developments raise a host of questions for people and organizations to address.

    Join us in exploring key topics such as digital transformation, sustainability, the New Work movement, agility and culture transformation to discover the customized solutions that are tailored to your needs. We work with you to craft a strategy that helps you navigate your way forward in a constantly evolving landscape and implement the plan together dynamically and flexibly.

  • Transform


    Mastering the Art of Change

    Under pressure in a constantly evolving world, organizations must continually adjust established processes while also facilitating significant transformations. The key to the success of these changes lies in people.

    Engage your employees, right from the beginning: We work with you to develop the strategies, frameworks, culture and leadership you need, while also helping you establish the competencies, structures, processes and adaptable work methods that can evolve over time.

  • Search


    We Attract Talent

    In an era of change, where there’s a scarcity of skilled professionals, intense talent competition, and evolving job and role requirements, the strategic significance of personnel selection and development has never been greater. Personalities have become more critical than competencies, and soft skills are now just as essential as hard skills.

    Whether you need assistance in selecting suitable specialists and managers, identifying high-potential individuals, or offering valid and objective support for targeted employee development, we assist you in finding and attracting the right talent, both from within and outside your organization.

  • Develop


    We Help Personalities Evolve

    In the race for innovation and excellence, your employees’ skills are critical. Lifelong learning ensures that employees remain ready to tackle new challenges and can proactively shape the future.

    We work with you to design learning programs that are specifically tailored to your company’s goals and your employees’ individual potentials. Combining in-person and online events, e-training and microlearning, we strategically train the skills your employees need for their jobs and ensure sustainable learning outcomes.


Managing Partner von PAWLIK Netherlands – Henk-Jan van Hees

Henk-Jan van Hees

Henk-Jan van Hees has worked on projects around the world in a variety of industries, including business-to-business, transport, media and communications, maritime and offshore, retail, ICT and automotive. His project experience includes organisational change, marketing, branding and corporate identity, advertising, global sales and distribution strategies and business innovation.

He firmly believes that counselling should go hand in hand with the implementation of the counselling assignment. In this context, he has extensive experience in the development, management and implementation of integrated strategic plans for major market players.

Managing Partner von PAWLIK Netherlands – Roeland Weebers

Roeland Weebers

Roeland is driven by the desire to make people and organisations successful in their quest for self-esteem, authenticity and confidence. Only then are people able to realise the greatest things. One guiding principle is to make the world of others bigger. In particular, it is about making organisations and individuals aware of their possibilities and not the impossibilities that are always running around in their heads.

He firmly believes that counselling should go hand in hand with the implementation of the counselling assignment. In this context, he has extensive experience in the development, management and implementation of integrated strategic plans for major market players.


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