Accelerate Your Transformation Processes with eigenland®

In today’s business world, characterized by constant change and increasing demands, companies are looking for innovative approaches to tackle their challenges and reach their full potential. The concept of gamification is playing an increasingly important role here by integrating playful elements into business contexts. This creates a shared perspective more quickly, promotes better decisions and effective behavior, and is fun and interactive.

One example of this fusion of games and business is eigenland® – a serious business gamification workshop format.

eigenland® is a workshop format in which the customer’s individually created theses are evaluated anonymously and digitally, followed by a rational discussion. Pawlik Digital AG can draw on experience from more than 50 eigenland® workshops on various topics such as leadership, team development, digital business models and customer service. This has already led to impressive success in various fields of application:

  • Change management in the financial sector: effective transformation strategies were developed with eigenland® for the merger of two locations and teams of an international universal bank.
  • Digital innovation in banking: eigenland® was used to expedite the development of digital products for online applications for mortgage loans in the savings bank sector.
  • Strategy development for consulting companies: medium-sized consulting companies benefited from eigenland® in the development of transformation roadmaps and strategies.
  • Customer service optimization: eigenland® was used to develop individual communication concepts for medium-sized companies and to meet changing customer expectations.

Through eigenland®, the actual challenges are brought to the table, discussed and initial solutions for the future are developed. The participants are deeply involved in the process through their joint work to achieve results, which leads to a high level of commitment. The format lasts a maximum of one day and offers a number of advantages:

  • Quick identification of challenges and solutions: eigenland® enables speedy identification of pain points, quick wins and potential.
  • Elimination of hierarchies: participants act as equals, which leads to more open discussions.
  • Rational conversations about difficult topics: the structured approach means that even sensitive topics can be discussed.
  • Enthusiasm and accelerated development processes: eigenland® creates enthusiasm and accelerates the implementation of changes.
  • Results saved immediately: the results are saved and evaluated on the same day as the workshop.
  • Creating commitment: eigenland® aligns management teams to jointly identified areas of responsibility and thus increases the team’s willingness to carry out tasks.
  • Easy connection to implementation: the results can be implemented directly into transformation and change processes.

The certified consultants at Pawlik Digital AG do not use eigenland® as a one-off, but accompany companies throughout their phases of transformation.
eigenland® is thus not just a workshop format, but a crucial key to effective corporate development in a constantly changing business world.



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Accelerate Your Transformation Processes with eigenland®
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Stay up-to-date and benefit from insider knowledge and tips on our XING and LinkedIn channels.