Proactive in Turbulent Times

The topic “proactive” is more relevant than ever, as the latest survey by the PINKTUM Institute at shows. According to the survey, one in three employees in Germany report that they don’t have enough energy for their daily work This is hardly surprising in view of present global and cross-societal developments. Environmental problems, geopolitical crises, pandemics and political unrest all affect our working environment and drain our energy. In addition, many organizations are facing major changes due to AI development, an increasingly strong employee’s market and the restructuring of geographical value chains. There is often a considerable lack of orientation in these areas.

Overcoming Challenges – With Power and Orientation

How can we go about our work positively and energetically despite all these obstacles? The first step is to break through the cycle of threats we are facing. We need to gain an overview of the situation and consciously embark on a path that leads to a solution. But what does that mean in concrete terms? How can we get our employees out of their lethargy and back into action?

One of the first building blocks is to provide orientation and foster understanding of new topics Not everyone needs to become an expert in artificial intelligence, but it is important to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and what impact it could have on everyday working life. This understanding opens up new perspectives and space for discussions, thus activating employees. It is important not to share knowledge as a frontal lecture, but to create formats and platforms that bring people together, provide insights and promote communicative exchanges.

Activate an Eargerness for Action

A second building block is making the direction the company wants to move in clear to everyone. People need a sense of purpose in their work and need to know what they are working towards. This activates tremendous eagerness to take action.
In our current situation, a clear plan and a meaningful, overarching goal are more important than ever. Multi-perspective and participative visions and clear strategies provide orientation and strength. The resulting eagerness of employees to take action can be steered in a positive direction. Vision, strategy and purpose give both employees and managers the certainty that they are part of a meaningful plan and can approach their goals systematically.

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Stay up-to-date and benefit from insider knowledge and tips on our XING and LinkedIn channels.